I know some highly-placed professionals who retain collections of detachable signs and other objects acquired during lapses in judgement. I donít condone the practice; but I imagine the young Sam and/or his friends might have engaged in similar activities.  One such escapade ó involving a watermelon ó comes immediately to mind and may have served as an inspiration to Ruland.  

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> Some drudge by the name of Daniel Ruland, age 32, was caught with the =
> plaque from Mark Twain=E2=80=99s grave. It looks like Dan=E2=80=99s plan =
> was to drive around Elmira with the thing in his trunk until he got =
> caught, and his plan worked!
> http://www.foxnews.com/us/2015/02/10/man-charged-with-stealing-bronze-pla=
> que-from-monument-at-mark-twain-new-york/
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