In conjunction with my own research, I'm asking y'all for help in locating
the original source of a Twain-related anecdote.  In Caroline Harnsberger's
book, *Mark Twain's View of Religion *(1961), she relates an episode as

Sam's faith in Sunday School teachings was not strengthened by the outcome
of the expulsion from his class of an unruly boy.  Later, when the lad
disappeared from Hannibal, it became a rumor-whispered with awe from boy to
boy-that the Devil had carried him off. (p.5).

Thus far I've looked through some of the usual suspects, e.g., the
Mark Twain's Notebooks, Hannibal, Huck & Tom, *etc.. and have missed it,
but I thought one of you might have the reference embedded and readily
accessible in your functional neurons.  Any help is appreciated.

Martin Zehr
Kansas City, Missouri