Cyril Clemens, maybe?  try My Cousin MT.


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> In conjunction with my own research, I'm asking y'all for help in locating
> the original source of a Twain-related anecdote.  In Caroline Harnsberger's
> book, *Mark Twain's View of Religion *(1961), she relates an episode as
> follows:
> Sam's faith in Sunday School teachings was not strengthened by the outcome
> of the expulsion from his class of an unruly boy.  Later, when the lad
> disappeared from Hannibal, it became a rumor-whispered with awe from boy to
> boy-that the Devil had carried him off. (p.5).
> Thus far I've looked through some of the usual suspects, e.g., the
> *Autobiography,
> Mark Twain's Notebooks, Hannibal, Huck & Tom, *etc.. and have missed it,
> but I thought one of you might have the reference embedded and readily
> accessible in your functional neurons.  Any help is appreciated.
> Thanks,
> Martin Zehr
> Kansas City, Missouri

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