This is the best of the lot, as a chapter in an upcoming book about Mark Twain and youth will argue. The competition isn't great, to say the least, but that shouldn't diminish how much goes wonderfully right in this film.

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 I show this to my 9th Graders each year after reading the classic.

Every class is different in personalities, but every single one gets =
emotional when Tom gets the whipping meant for Becky (some guys can=E2=80=99=
t look); cheer when Tom risks his life to testify; shudder when Injun =
Joe finally drops to his just death; and Sid is finally smacked by Aunt =

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> At 6:15 pm EDT today, Tuesday, July 7, Turner Classic Movies is airing=20=

> the 1938 film ADVENTURES OF TOM SAWYER with Tommy Kelly. As this is =
> of the best film adaptations of a Mark Twain story ever made, you may=20=

> wish to watch or record it. (Note that the film begins at 5:15 in=20
> Central Time, at 4:15 in Mountain Time, and at 3:15 in Pacific Time.)