That's on my to-do list for interactive overlays on my maps.  I've
still got far too many other points to map, though; most of Following
the Equator and A Tramp Abroad.  I haven't made up my mind about Life
on the Mississippi as the river Twain steamed on is not the same river
today.  Plotting his channels is theoretically possible but would
entail a great deal of work.

On Tue, 2016-12-27 at 05:59 +0000, Clay Shannon wrote:
> What would be REALLY cool is to have access to "period"/historical
> maps tha=
> t corresponded to the time Twain was in each location (1840s for
> Hannibal, =
> 1860s for Nevada and California, etc).=C2=A0- B. Clay Shannon
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> was at =
> all times?
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> I recommend R. Kent Rasmussen's MARK TWAIN A TO Z or its updated
> edition of
> CRITICAL COMPANION TO MARK TWAIN.=C2=A0 Both references have
> extensive
> chronological charts of where Mark Twain was when.
> Barb
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