I've been thoughtfully searching for proper words for Vic Doyno.  Although his great soul brings to mind "magnanimous,"  I'm sure that it would take half my thesaurus  to do the job.  Vic was the first true scholar-in-residence here at Quarry Farm, and some of us, including my favorite Twain scholar Gretchen Sharlow, were fortunate to attend Vic's class on Huck Finn, here at Elmira College. What a marvelous atmosphere and combination: Vic's personal delights and the fascination of his recent examination of the Huck manuscript!  It was like having both Twain and Huck present, especially when Vic read Huck's voice.  He not only "taught," he left behind true, lasting friends! It seems we need, for many folk, a better title than only "professor"--one that combines true intellect with such congenial quality. We will SO miss him.  Does anyone have a name and address of someone, in Buffalo or perhaps elsewhere, for expressing condolences?

-Ron Owens