Hamlin Hill, _MT: God's Fool_ (pp. 268, 296) quotes the letter from a
photocopy at MTP:

"I think on general principles it is a mistake to let any one else write
about Mark Twain, as long as we can prevent it.... As soon as this is begun
(writing about him at all, I mean) the Mark Twain that we have
'preserved'--the Mark Twain that we knew, the traditional Mark Twain--will
begin to fade and change, and with that process the Harper Mark Twain
property will depreciate."

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> I'd like to see that, too. I suffer from Painimosity.
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> > On 1 August, 1926, Paine wrote a letter to Harper's indicating it would
> be
> > a mistake to let anyone else write about Twain. I have been unable to
> > discover the location of that letter. Do any of you happen to know where
> it
> > may be found? I'd sure appreciate your help.
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> > Mary
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