ps Henry Van Dyke also presided at and spoke about MT at the Twain funeral:  he also wrote a more extended treatment that was published later, you could look it up...

Associated Press Report of MT's Funeral<>
New York, April 23 -- Mark Twain paused today on the way to the grave that thousands whose lives he had made happy might look upon his placid face.

Dr. Hal Bush

Dept. of English

Saint Louis University

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author website:

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Thanks; I have made note of that method of research.
- B. Clay Shannon

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 There are many. Actors, publishers, other writers — most of those who wrote their autobiographical memoirs who knew Clemens mention him. One method to track these down is to do a google advanced book search. For “author” enter the name of the person you suspect knew Twain, and then enter the phrase “Mark Twain”. The search engine will return you the page numbers where his name occurs within that author’s work.

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Are there any surviving writings about Twain by those who actually knew him, other than those by Susy, Clara, Howells, Katy Leary, Dorothy Quick (the Angelfish), and Paine?
I would be especially interested in what the Clemens family themselves said/wrote about him (his mother and siblings) and the Moffett family; but also Harte, Goodman, Redpath, Keller, Kipling, Bixby, Howland, Paige, Twichell, Aldrich, Gilder, Joel C. Harris, &c &c.
I do know that Kipling wrote about his "pilgrimage" to meet Twain.
Do such writings exist? Even better would be if they were all collected together in a volume (excluding the writings which are already of book length - those alluded to in the first paragraph). Has anybody done this yet?
- B. Clay Shannon