Hey Scott, I am a newer Mark Twain scholar.  When I give talks, I talk 
about how close Twain got to Sandusky OH where I live.  In his 1869 
lecture tour, he probably criss-crossed here.
He spoke in Cleveland and then went to Toledo and then back  to Norwalk 
(about 10 miles south of Sandusky).  Do you happen to know his route?  
There was the Lake Shore Electric Railroad that went between Toledo and 
Cleveland with Sandusky mid-line and Norwalk on another trunk.   Can you 
possibly confirm that he took the Lake Shore Electric?    Thanks, Phil

On 4/16/2020 1:22 PM, scott wrote:
> Sam wrote Livy from Toledo, while on the Twain-Cable tour, about the
> prettiest furniture he'd seen in a hotel.  I believe I have determined
> that the hotel was The Hibbard House in Jackson, MI.  Ironically, it
> was a replacement for this hotel that was awarded an historical
> building status, The Otsego Hotel.  I mention this for those interested
> in Twain landmarks.