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> Society as I Have Found It
> Ward McAllister (1827 - 1895)
> Mark Twain illustrator Dan Beard recalled discussing McAllister’s book
> with Twain. “It was before Webster & Company failed that Ward McAllister’s
> book (Society as I have Found It) appeared, and when he (Twain) sauntered
> into my studio one day, I said:
> ‘Mr. Clemens, have you read Ward McAllister’s book?’
> ‘Yes; have you?’ he replied.
> ‘Indeed, I have. I have read it through several times, and intend to read
> it again. It is one of the most humorous books I ever read.’
> ‘That’s so,’ said Mark, ‘that’s so. Now, I will tell you something. I
> spent three months writing a satire on that book of Ward McAllister’s. And
> when I got through, I again read McAllister’s book, and then my satire, and
> then tore the blamed thing up. Some things are complete in themselves and
> cannot be improved upon, and I take off my hat to Mr. McAllister.’” (ref. A
> Bibliography of the Work of Mark Twain by Merle Johnson)
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> explained.”
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