Hello Matt,
I found the new deadline on the CMTS website but you did not state it on 
the listserve.
Philip Bauer

On 1/11/2022 10:22 AM, Matthew Seybold wrote:
> We are extending the deadline for panel, paper, roundtable, and flash
> presentation proposals for our quadrennial Twain Studies conference,
> scheduled to take place at Elmira College from August 4-7, 2022.
> The International Conference on The State of Mark Twain Studies has been a
> fixture of Center for Mark Twain Studies programming since 1989. This
> year's conference is being co-organized by Shelley Fisher Fishkin
> (Stanford) and Tracy Wuster (UT-Austin).
> For the first time, we will also be offering a special* fully-funded*
> workshop for graduate students and other emerging scholars. The workshop,
> co-sponsored by the Mark Twain Circle and led by John Bird (Winthrop) will
> follow the conference. Workshop participants will receive full
> registration, lodging, meals, and a travel stipend for the duration of both
> the conference and the workshop.
> For more information, please visit MarkTwainStudies.com/Elmira2022
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