Hello all,

I was contacted by a student who is doing a project on Mark Twain.  I am
busy this semester with a new class and two job hires, so I decided I
didn't have time.  I offered to post her request here.  To wit:

Hello! I’m Maya Jyothinagaram, a high school senior at Culver Academies,
Indiana. Currently, I’m working on a short documentary regarding the
connection between Mark Twain’s satire and his anti-imperialism writings,
with specific interest in the Philippine-American War. In looking for a
more historical analysis of Twain’s anti-imperialist writings, I would be
very appreciative if any historian would be willing to be interviewed or
provide help for my documentary. Twain scholars provide a needed analysis
that I am unable to bring as a high school student. My email is
[log in to unmask] and feel free to email me with any further