I wish to thank you all for your kind responses to my request. The topic 
has little to do with geography but a good deal to do with the man 
involved, Mark Twain, so my request was largely a matter of curiosity.  
I have ordered a copy of MARK TWAIN ON POTHOLES AND POLITIC.

On 4/29/22 11:32, Scott Holmes wrote:
> I came across a reference to Gary Scharnhorst's article:
> Gary Scharnhorst (2004) Mark Twain's "How to Remove Warts and Tattoo 
> Marks" Authenticated, ANQ: A Quarterly Journal of Short Articles, 
> Notes and Reviews,
> but I have been limited to reading the first page and trying to obtain 
> a copy from ANQ has proved to be almost futile (six or seven weeks 
> just to be cleared), so I'm hoping someone might have a pdf copy they 
> could send me.  The topic is not particularly geographic in nature but 
> I do find the subject to be intriguing.