I wonder if Twain ever tried (or favored) a "GATH" brand cigar?

Twain and George Alfred Townsend aka "GATH" were roommates in Washington
City and exchanged correspondence for decades.

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> Many times I've noticed Sam stating he smoked only the cheap five-cent
> cigars.  This is apparently not quite true.  While parsing through the
> Day By Day entries I found this note from December 24, 1905,in a letter
> to William Robertson Coe, son-in-law to H.H. Rogers:  "I have sampled
> the CabaƱas, & they are fit for the Gods (who will not get a dam one of
> them.) May you live long & continue to prosper; & Mrs. Coe the same."
> I'm wondering when Sam met a Vulcan....
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