The major event in Elmira in the Summer of 1880 was the Emancipation Day
celebration, climaxing with a speech by Frederick Douglass. You might check
out the materials I collected (and, in some cases, created) a couple years
ago, which will also include allusions to some of the family's other
activities during that Summer:


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> There is very little mention of Quarry Farm in the Day By Day entries
> for the summer of 1880.  The family was in Elmira from June to
> September.  There was the birth of Jean and Livy seems to have been ill
> for the duration of their stay - which seems to have been limited to the
> Langdon home in Elmira.  Twain finished the Prince and the Pauper and
> there is some mention of his spending ten days at Quarry Farm at the
> beginning of July.
>   I suppose I will need to dig through some of his biographies for
> details but I hope for some leads and/or suggestions from Twain-L
> members about Twain's time at Quarry Farm for this season.  I suspect he
> may  have just walked there and back when he wanted time to write.
> Even though "Twain's Geography" is no longer on-line, I continue to work
> on it.
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