Thank you very much for this lead.  I'd seen mention of the celebrations 
but your materials make this much more germane to my project.  One word 
that continually pops into my head as I follow the life and times of 
Mark Twain is fractals.  This is also a condition that makes printed 
work obsolete by the time it comes out.  There are always new paths to 
follow.  Since sending my last message I've also discovered that Jean 
was born at Quarry Farm.  This would mean the family spent more time 
there than I had at first thought - as Livy would not want to move about 
too much. Perhaps it shows up in your research but I wonder if Sam had 
much direct involvement in the festivities.  I must now return to my 
"paid job" but will read through this material as soon as I can. Thanks 

On 1/26/23 11:41, Matthew Seybold wrote:

> The major event in Elmira in the Summer of 1880 was the Emancipation Day
> celebration, climaxing with a speech by Frederick Douglass. You might check
> out the materials I collected (and, in some cases, created) a couple years
> ago, which will also include allusions to some of the family's other
> activities during that Summer:
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> On Thu, Jan 26, 2023 at 2:12 PM Scott Holmes<[log in to unmask]>  wrote:
>> There is very little mention of Quarry Farm in the Day By Day entries
>> for the summer of 1880.  The family was in Elmira from June to
>> September.  There was the birth of Jean and Livy seems to have been ill
>> for the duration of their stay - which seems to have been limited to the
>> Langdon home in Elmira.  Twain finished the Prince and the Pauper and
>> there is some mention of his spending ten days at Quarry Farm at the
>> beginning of July.
>>    I suppose I will need to dig through some of his biographies for
>> details but I hope for some leads and/or suggestions from Twain-L
>> members about Twain's time at Quarry Farm for this season.  I suspect he
>> may  have just walked there and back when he wanted time to write.
>> Even though "Twain's Geography" is no longer on-line, I continue to work
>> on it.
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