I hadn't thought about Tricksters for quite a while, and then they were 
usually the Coyote type.  I've recently been reading the essays in 
"Trickster Lives", especially the two related to Huckleberry Finn and 
Roughing It.  I see how Tom Sawyer and Br'er Rabbit fit the parameters 
I'm familiar with but I'm concerned that assigning Twain's malevolent 
Calvinist god to the role of trickster diminishes the utility of the 
concept of Trickster.   I suppose I'm just conflating Trickster with 
Prankster and I don't see the Duke and the King as pranksters just 
greedy opportunists. It's the same with "Confidence Men".

--/Unaffiliated Geographer and Twain aficionado/