I suppose this should be directed to Kerry Driscoll, as she may be  the 
go-to person for such questions.  On reading "Heretical Fictions:..." by 
Berkove and Csicsila, I find in the notes section a remark that Twain 
became "sympathetic toward and even admiring of Indians in the final 
decades of his life."  This is only peripheral to my own efforts but has 
been a long-time interest of mine.  I could never understand (read 
comprehend) his disdain for these people.  After reading his admiring 
comments on Australian Aboriginal people, I suspected he should have 
gained a new respect for those of his own native lands but I had not 
found any indications of such. Apparently there are and I would 
appreciate pointers to such.

/Unaffiliated Geographer and Twain aficionado/