....these Lueneburg scribblers seem to think that Twain was the author 
of _Uncle Tom's Cabin_. How embarassing.


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Am 07.06.2023 um 12:24 schrieb Winston Kelley:
> A "Mark Twain Room" is in the Griechenbeisl (restaurant), Vienna, where
> he, among many another celebrity, put his autograph on the ceiling:
> https://www.griechenbeisl.at/our-story/
> Another curio of potential interst to the forum is the bronze statue of
> Twain seated on a park bench in L√ľneburg and the history of how it got
> to be there:
> https://www.landeszeitung.de/lokales/lueneburg-lk/twain-legt-in-lueneburg-an-AK5Q6UVMLYVH4EXNDGULU35UQX.html 
> Happy Trails!
> Winston