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  * I've finished indexing volume 1 and hope this provides some enhanced
    functionality for searching this work.  My entries are all derived
    from the CMTS site except some from PDFs sent to me by David Fears. 
    I didn't note which.  I've never seen the actual printed volume so
    formatting of individual entries has been from my best-guess.

  * Day By Day Volume I <>
      o DBD: Sam's Childhood <>
      o DBD: Restless Typesetter
      o DBD: Sam Clemens is on the River
      o DBD: Sam Clemens Heads West
      o DBD: Mark Twain on the Territorial Enterprise
      o DBD: California and the Sandwich Islands
      o DBD: Sandwich Islands Lectures
      o DBD: The Quaker City Voyage
      o DBD: Seeking Respectability
      o DBD: American Vandals Abroad Tour
      o DBD: Respectability <>
      o DBD: Life in Buffalo <>
      o DBD: Roughing It in Elmira
      o DBD: Hooker House in Hartford
      o DBD: Hartford, Early 1874
      o DBD: Elmira, 1874 <>
      o DBD: Hartford House, 1874-78
      o DBD: A Tramp Abroad <>
      o DBD: Hartford House, 1879 - 85
  * Day By Day Volume II <>
  * Day By Day Volume III <>
  * Day By Day Volume IV <>

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