Earlier today I added two new Internet Wiretap electronic texts to the
Mark Twain Forum filelist, as follows:

     CRIME     TEXT      A New Crime
     PITCAIRN  TEXT      The Great Revolution in Pitcairn

To retrieve either of these files, send a message to
[log in to unmask] or [log in to unmask] containing one GET
command per line for each file, e.g.:


These e-texts were actually released a few months ago, but I've only now
gotten around to adding them to the Forum's filelist.  I believe that
the filelist now contains all of the shorter Internet Wiretap e-texts.
If you want to see the entire MT Forum filelist, send the command "INDEX
TWAIN-L".  Please be careful to send these commands to the LISTSERV
address above, not to the TWAIN-L address at the same node.

If you have a public domain file that you would like to add to the
filelist, please send it directly to me.

Taylor Roberts
University of British Columbia