Hi, Twain lovers!  I've just joined this list and feel that I should
introduce myself.  I have no pretensions about scholarship--I am merely
an avid reader.  I read everything, even the TV guide and the Sudbury
Star (local joke), but I find that some old favourites never fail me.
Dickens and Twain are among these favourites, not to mention Conrad
and...oh, well.
It was my pleasure, from 1966-68, to read Twain in the reading room of
the British Museum.  The edition I read every day was an autographed
deluxe edition.  The BM shelved this edition with the regular collection.
The set was not in the rare book room.  I guess the brits considered
Twain to be an upstart American writer with no lasting appeal.
SLC still appeals to me.  Huck Finn, Pudd'nhead Wilson--who can name
a favourite?
I look forward to learning from you all.