>From the new CD-ROM Warehouse catalog, p. 43:


Twain's World features over 300 hard-to-find works of Mark Twain, from
well-known favorites such as _Tom Sawyer_ to little known
masterpieces like _The Gilded Age_. Twain's life is revealed
in essays, speeches and personal letters, many of which are
beautifully narrated. A unique highlight of the CD is the never-
before-released live footage of Mark Twain. Twain is seen
sauntering through a villa, puffing on his trademark cigar, as
filmed by Thomas Edison. Twain's World is filled with period music,
video, story narration, photographs, sketches, and story text designed
to give an unprecedented portrait of the man and his works.

RED 0003 MPC
Publisher: Bureau Development

(end quote)

My first thought when a co-worker brought this to my attention:

"Twain's World! Twain's World! It's party time; it's excellent!..." :-)

Robert Dagnall

p.s. I wonder who does the narration, & what criteria they used to
select a narrator. Would they look for someone with just *any* drawl,
or someone from the Hannibal/middle America region...or have they
discovered that anyone with enough whiskey in them begins to talk
like Mark Twain?