The Mark Twain Forum needs to someone to review the following book:

     Tom Quirk, _Coming to Grips with Huckleberry Finn: Essays on a
          Book, a Boy, and a Man_.  University of Missouri Press, 1993.
          Distributed in Canada by Scholarly Book Services Inc.  $31.95
          CDN, cloth, 176pp., index.  ISBN 0-8262-0920-3.


     Nobility out of Tatters: The Writing of _Huckleberry Finn_
     Life Imitating Art: _Huckleberry Finn_ and Twain's Autobiographical
     "Learning a Nigger to Argue": Quitting _Huckleberry Finn_
     The Realism of _Huckleberry Finn_
     Huckleberry Finn's Heirs
     Is _Huckleberry Finn_ Politically Correct?

Your reward for writing a book review will be the gratitude of MT Forum
subscribers, and a complimentary copy of the book.  Please send me a
message if you're interested.

Taylor Roberts
University of British Columbia