Hi Paul,
  Thanks for the message.  I appreciate the info. and I needed a
smile as well.  Since 6 p.m. = 3 p.m. here, I can also monitor the
broadcasts and hop on the net and issue a statement if the segment
appears to be ready to air.  I'll also check out NPR at 3 p.m. here
and se if I can get a jump on the west coast.  I do have duplicating
and editing capabilities here, so if someone misses it, I can
always run off another copy.  I have many Twain videos if you ever
are looking for something, by the way.  Did you catch "Great Books"
on Huck Finn? or "This Old House" feature on the MT House in
  Thanks for keeping me posted on M-L Report.  It has become
a minor obsession since early December.  I guess we just have
to hope for a slow news day.
   Best wishes,
    Kevin B.