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Haymarket Riot
The Haymarket Riot occurred in Chicago on May 4, 1886, when police broke up
workers' demonstration organized by anarchists.  On May 3 laborers had
police at the McCormick Reaper Company, which had hired nonunion workers
during a strike to obtain an 8-hour working day.  One person was killed, and
the anarchists accused the police of brutality, calling a protest rally at
Haymarket Square the next day.  When police tried to disperse the rally, a
bomb exploded in police ranks and rioting erupted.  Eleven people were
The bomber was never identified, but eight anarchist leaders were convicted
as accessories to murder.  Four were hanged, one committed suicide, and
were jailed.  In 1893, Governor J. P.  Altgeld of Illinois pardoned the

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