Good evening --

I joined this list a couple of weeks ago and have been watching and
enjoying. I live near Elmira, the REAL heart-home of Mark Twain, and a
town that would just as soon he never lived there.

I've been following the Haniban history thread, and I'm glad that Haniban
is proud of its Twain history. That is certainly not true everyplace.

A couple of years ago we spent our vacation in northern California,
including the "Gold Country" We went to Angels Camp, and I noted on a
local map that there was "Mark Twain's Cabin" nearby, but no further
information. So after asking at several local businesses, I found the
Chamber of Commerce, lodged in a local real estate office, and asked the
young lady there.

"Oh, you wouldn't want to go there," she told us.

There is a statue of Mark in the town, put up for a movie made there, and
I managed to find a bumper sticker with a frog put out by the dental

Duane Campbell