Help, please, o Twain scholars--

Somewhere in the Book-of-the-Month Twain set that has been in our
family since I was a pup (like in the 1950's), there is a brief article
about the agglutinative propensities of the awful German language.  One
example (synthetic) word he gave was some sort of


(something about a mess of mother-murdering "Mohammedan"
marble-monument makers from Mecca).

Repeatedly in the last 20 years or so, I have set out to find that
article and have repeatedly failed.  It is, of course, not in "The
Awful German Language".  It must be in a collection of brief articles
and/or speeches.

Can any of you help me track this critter down?

  Guy K. Haas
  Menlo Park, CA