Duane, Sometimes my love of terse language takes precedence over the need
for clear language.  So let's try again.

First, I think if we could agree over whether cigar smoking is a deadly
habit, we could agree on whether it is an addiction.  If it's deadly, then
I would call it an addiction.  If it's not deadly, then it's not an

Second, if we were to agree (and I don't expect you to agree with me)
that the cigar smoker is addicted, then we might agree that a smoker might
have trouble distinguishing the beauty of cigar smoke.

Last, the reference to studies was a challenge to produce your data from
scholarly sources.

Duane, I appreciate you treating my satirical request seriously.  It's
good to know you have studies which you consider credible, but I doubt
that you could produce anything which would change my opinion, so it
would be unfair to ask you to go through the effort.

I guess the important thing, as Twain students, is how my belief that
my favorite author was addicted to tobacco and your apparent belief that he
had discovered one of life's pleasures (cigars) affect our views of his

Thanks, Larry Marshburne