On 9/15/95, Steve Jobe posted a question about an inscription in a relative's
" The inscription goes something like this:  "Signing the pledge will not make
bad liquor into good, but it will improve it."  He's curious whether Twain has
himself here or has coined an original witticism.  Does the aphorism ring
any bells with anyone?"
That particular quote is listed in the book,  _Everyone's Mark Twain_  by
Caroline Harnsberger.  Unfortunately, the source is listed as coming from _More
Maxims of Mark_, a privately (?) published book from the 1920's; so the real
source is still not known.  The odds are that Twain indeed quoted himself in the
inscription, but I would be curious to know what book is inscribed, and under
what circumstances he happened to sign the book.
Hope this hasn't raised more questions than it answered.
Frank North
Becky Thatcher Book Shop
Hannibal, Mo.