In the current issue of *At Random* (Random House's magazine that
publicizes its forthcoming books) there is an interesting note about Twain.
It seems that a new edition of *Huck Finn* will be published this winter,
so Random House gave a handwriting expert a sample of Twain's handwriting
to analyze.  She contends that the sample's author "demonstrates a strong
sense of humor," among other things.  I would suspect, however, that Sam
probably put as much stock in handwriting analysis as he did in phrenology!
Anyway, if I get time, I'll scan the whole note and post it.  The magazine
itself can be found through your local bookstore, although it may have to
be ordered.  (It should be free.)
Jim McWilliams
Dept. of English
Southern Illinois University
Carbondale IL 62901-4503
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