As a Mark Twain Forum subscriber, you're entitled to a 20 percent
discount on this edition (which at the undiscounted price is $35.00
per volume) when you order directly from the Library of America.
The phone number I have is (212) 308-3360, though you may want to
call the 800 directory assistance to see if there's a toll-free

I recommend the two Budd volumes highly, since they contain a huge
number of pieces--many of which are otherwise hard to find--in a
single place, and they're based on the best texts available.  It
also has great notes.

>On this subject has anyone read/reviewed these volumes?  Why the break at
>1890 - any significance to that year?  What do people who have read more
>Twain than I think of the Library of America editions of his works?  Thanks

Surely the most comprehensive review of Budd's Library of America
edition appeared right here on the Mark Twain Forum, by Kent Rasmussen,
author of _Mark Twain A to Z_ (Facts on File, 1995), on 10 October
1994.  You can retrieve the October 1994 log file by sending a message
to [log in to unmask] containing the single line:


And Ted Ficklen posted a Forum review of the LOA's _Historical
Romances_ (an edition of _Prince and the Pauper_, _Connecticut
Yankee_, and _Joan of Arc_) on 11 August 1994.  Retrieve the August
1994 notebook by sending the command:


The Library of America seems not to have offered a Forum discount
on _Historical Romances_, although it might not hurt to ask for
one if you order the Budd volumes at the same time.

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