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>In the early fifties, a version of _1601_ leaked out. I
>still have my copy of the slim paper edition, its trim
>envelope now in shreds. It was sold only on the underground
>-- no respectable bookseller would handle it. When the
>unpublished works came into the public domain, publishers
>already had them typeset. They had all been leaked out
>behind Clara's back.

I have a copy of 1601 hand typed by me about 1942 from a copy (printing of
100 copies) and proofed by me trying to get all the spelling correct.  About
1965 I found a copy of 1601 in a Palo Alto, CA bookshoop with all the bad
words deleted and left as blanks.  Now I find a copy on the Internet.
Problem is that all are a bit different.  Not much.  Maybe just typos.
Where might I find a "all correct or O.K." copy?

I have a lot of fun printing 1601 with various fonts as gifts to various
friends.  I have included a preface that tells of the works history.  Most
people think Twain never wrote the thing.

David F. McClinton
Sonora, CA