On February 15 of this year, the first on-stage
reading of my play, _The Trial of Huckleberry Finn_ took place at
Grayson County College by one drama class before three English
classes that resulted in me making some revisions to the draft
some of y'all have read.  It's a one act play that runs about an
hour and a half.  It includes a black critic, Twain, his lawyer,
David Wilson, Huck and other characters from the novel as well as
Mrs. Jane Clemens and Roxy.

It has been described as allowing the novel to defend itself
emphasizing the conflict between the individual and the society
that shapes it.  Under the guidance of a colleague/mentor/agent,
I'm  pursuing a publisher and am beginning
to seek venues for public performances by community and
educational institutions.  For those of you interested in
producing this play or know of groups that would be intersted in
your area, please contact me at [log in to unmask]

By the way, the serial novel still needs contributors . . .