>> a good starting point is Michael Patrick Hearn's _The Annotated
Huckleberry Finn >>(NY: Clarkson N. Potter, Inc, 1981).
>Publisher? ISBN? - Or could you even order it for me?
>I've been working on HF for two years, translated the book into German,
>and produced a compendium with German annotations - so this explains my
>Thanks, regards
>Wolf Harranth


The publisher is (was?) Clarkson N. Potter, Inc.  The book is probably out of
print, but I'll check and send you the ISBN via private Email.  You should be
able to obtain the book through interlibrary loan.  You'll certainly want to
locate it if you're producing an annotated version of Huck.  It helps with
some of Twain's more obscure references.

Scott Dalrymple