Hi Taylor,
  Yes, that message didn't belong on the Forum.  I've exchanged a
few private note with folks speculating on whether Gregg's first
message was serious or not.  I was delighted to see none other
than Howard Baetzhold himself respond.  I wondered how carefully
Camfield had read the book but decided to leave it to someone
else to call him on it.
  Kent has sicced a broadway playwright on me who needs some
Twain info. for a play he's thinking of doing.  I scoffed until
I found out who the guy was.  He's apparently very successfull.
I'll let you know more when I can--another one of those secret
  Thanks for the preview of the book reviews by the way.  I liked
the image you selected too--very appropriate.
  Just got a copy of _Guitar Player_ with "Twain's guitar" in
it.  Interesting but no mention of the provenance of the piece.
It is a handsome instrument and worthy of SLC.  If he was
anything like Clapton it would have to be Clapton unplugged.