The July issue of _Eureka_ contains following articles.

Japanese translations of:

Mark Twain.  "My Platonic Sweetheart."
---.  "Sandwich Islands Lecture."
---.  "Nicodemus Dodge and the Skeleton."
---.  Excerpts from his letters.
Myra Jehlen.  Excerpts from "Banned in Concord: _Adventures of
Huckleberry Finn_ and Classic American Literature."
Eric J. Sundquist.  "Mark Twain and Homer Plessy."

Japanese articles on his reception in Japan, comments on _Huck
Finn_ by a translater, positive comment on his later pessimism,
Twain and the Indians, _Tom Sawyer_, Twain and Darwinism,
_Pudd'nhead Wilson_, _Mysterious Stranger_, Twain and science,
Twain and Sam Clemens, Child and Chase-Riboud.

Ryota Iijima