Mark Twain Forum Members:

I have an unusual request that I hope you may be able to help me with.  A
of mine will be getting married next month.  As a part of the marriage
he would like to read a short work or a small portion of a larger piece by
Twain which discusses in a sentimental way his thoughts on marriage.  Do you
of any works that might be appropriate?  Judging by Mr. Twain's love for his
wife, he appears to have a high respect for marriage and, therefore, it
seem that he may have written something specifically on the subject.

I have already corresponded with Taylor Roberts, the owner of this list.  He
provided many good suggestions, but added that I may want to pose this
to the Mark Twain Forum for additional input.  I would appreciate any ideas
may have.

Thanks in advance.

Todd Severtson
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