I received a physical mail invitation, written in Japanese, to the
start-up conference of "The Japan Mark Twain Society."  It was proposed
by 14 Japanese professors.  I have translated some important facts here.

The first meeting is going to be held in Kyoto on the schedule as

2:00PM, 15 March 1997, Saturday.
At the conference room on the 5th floor of Neisei Hall,
Doshisha University at Imadegawa Campus, Kyoto, Japan.

2:00 Start-Up General Assembly.
2:30 Symposium on _The Prince and the Pauper_.
4:30 Memorial Lecture on _The Prince and the Pauper_.

6:00 Party, at the Kurama Room of Kyoto Garden Palace.

Please don't send me an inquiry.  This is not an official message.  If
you have a question, send it to the following address:

Fax or phone in Japan: 07457-8-9747
>From abroad: 817457-8-9747

Prof. Ryo Waguri
816-1-813 Kammaki,
Kammaki Machi, Kita Katsuragi Gun,
Nara Ken, 639-02 Japan

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