There is a book called THE VALUE OF A DOLLAR: 1860-1989, edited by Scott
Derks. Detroit: Gale Research, Inc., 1994. ISBN no. 0-8103-6841-2.
Price about $69.50.

This is a terrific book that tells you what all kinds of things cost
in various time periods. It lists steamship fares in the general time
period you are seeking but they are mostly transatlantic.

This is one of the most interesting and useful reference books I've
seen in a long time. It would be very useful for writers who need
accurate period info. Where else could find the cost of a featherbone
corset ($.18) in 1898? Or tuition at the University of the City of
NY Law School in 1896 (2 years for $200)?

Well worth looking at. I couldn't put it down. ;-)

Mary Lou Caskey, Assistant Director
Mid-York Library System, Utica, NY

Go to your public library and find this book. You'll love it!