On Thu, 11 Dec 1997, PETER MESSENT wrote:

> The Bad Man from Bodie is, I think, an alternative title for
> ELDoctorow's Welcome to Hard Times. There may be a Twain connection
> too though? Cheers. Pete M.

Additional information received indicates the source for the Twain
connection is contained in a book titled _Badmen of the West_
written by Robert Elman, Ridge Press, c1974.

I've not examined the book, but have been informed the passage

In 1863, while working for the Territorial Enterprise in Virginia City,
a young reporter named Sam Clemens began using the pen name Mark Twain.
Later, when he wrote a story about "The Bad Man From Bodie,"
he was referring to a place across the line in California.
Bodie was long considered "the wickest town in the west."