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  Saturday January 24, 1998

     8:00 p.m. ET
   A discussion of the work of Mark Twain, and his literary and cultural
   legacies. Bruce Michelson, an English professor at the University
   of Illinois, discusses Twain and the Information Age. Mary Needham
   considers the influence that Huckleberry Finn has had on subsequent
   literature. Lastly, Twain impressionist McAvoy Layne offers what he
   thinks Twain would say about whether or not The Adventures of
   Huckelberry Finn should be read today. The discussion was part of a
   conference on "The State of Mark Twain Studies," hosted by Elmira
   College, in Elmira, New York. Samuel Clemens (the real name of "Mark
   Twain") and his family summered in Elmira for 22 years, and The
   Adventures of Huckelberry Finn and Tom Sawyer were written there.

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