There is a production of "The Prince and the Pauper" which has a cast album
out (piano and vocals only). It is occasionally billed as "Neil Berg's P& the
P", and does not mention Twain once on the cd or insert.  The cd does
advertise a website ( and there the original author
can be found twice. Once is in a jumbled bio for an actor, and on the homepage
there is an admission that the story is based on Mark Twain's "Prince and the

From the little that can be derived from the music, it seems as though the
story has been pretty well re-worked. It sounds like there are several
additional adult characters whose stories are important to the plot.

The cd has one or two interesting songs. A lot of the rest sounds pretty

All in all, I think I liked last year's version with Wishbone the dog better.
That one, "The Prince and the Pooch" at least had a cute dog.

This one may just be a dog.

Dennis Kelly