Hi Laura,

   I am just a loyal reader of the Mark Twain Forum, but I wanted you to
know that the Forum is simply a labor of love by a lot of people who
enjoy Twain.  It's not some sort of Academic Enclave run by people who
are out to snub or praise people on some whim.

   None of us are paid to maintain any archives or create web sites or
enter thousands of pages from a Twain novel into electronic form so that
the world can enjoy it as much as we do--it's only a great respect for
Twain's work that brings us here.

   Everyone's busy, we all have our real jobs to attend to, and we just
try to do this when we have some blessed free time to read Twain or play
around on the computer.

   Could I just suggest that you produce something that we could use--a
bibliography in electronic format, a web page with up-to-date resources,
text versions of the articles you cite, or something positive that we
can use?  This is a community--we all have to do our part to contribute.

   Alan Eliasen