Please recommend inexpensive yet reliable editions of Twain's work for
students to purchase.  Next year I will be teaching a Mark Twain seminar,
and I am looking for books.  I want to include:  short stories, sketches,
speeches, letters, and other short works; _Innocents Abroad_, _Roughing
It_, _Tom Sawyer_,_The Prince and the Pauper_, _Life on the Mississippi_,
_Huck Finn_, _Connecticut Yankee_, and _Puddnhead Wilson_; a biography.
The university here limits the amount of money we can ask our students to
I have already decided to ask them to purchase Rasmussen's _A-Z_, so that's
start.  This university also has a "textbook library" which makes it
possible to order one text (no matter how expensive) for the students to
"rent."  I am thinking of having Hoffman's _Inventing Mark Twain_ for the
"rental" text, but if someone knows about a good "boxed" set, I might order
that for the "rental" text instead of Hoffman, and have them purchase a
different biography.  Any suggestions?  Thanks.

Tim Hirsch
University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire