Andrew J Hoffman wrote:
> I'm looking for recommendations for books to include in a creative
> non-fiction course.  I'd prefer short works published in the last twenty
> years.  Has anyone on the Forum read anything they just couldn't wait to
> share?  I figured the Forum would be a good place to ask this question;
> we've already proved our good literary taste by cherishing The Man.
> Thanks in advance.
> Andy Hoffman
> Andy,

At our house, we couldn't put down a book titled "Wild Swans" by Chang
Jung (or was it Jung Chang?) Anyway, it is the true story of the lives
of a Chinese woman, her mother who was a member of the communist party,
and her grandmother, the last of the generation subjected to foot
binding. Give it a try.
Ditto about "Into Thin Air" - read it in a day. Boukreev's book about
the same disaster, "The Climb" was also very good.

Ellen O.