A friend of mine just sent this to me, and I was wondering how true
this is.


Mrs. Jules Hojnowski

>Jill Morgan wrote:

> Hi All
> Does any one know if Samuel Clemens was right or left handed? I have 2
> pictures of signatures of his name and one looks like it is left handed,
> other right handed.

>Dear Jill,

>Why I thought everyone knew that ol' Mark Twain was ambidextrous and
>famous for
>writing withering political satire with his right hand and allegorical
>tales of
>life on the Mississippi with his left.  What most people don't know is that
>could do both, simultaneously.  For a short time he was considering adding
>as a part of his stage show, but as "improv" hadn't been invented yet, he
>didn't know what to call it and wound up leaving it out.

>Always glad to help,

>- -Jerry-

>Jerry Silverman
>Chicago, IL