In a book titled _The Exempt Firemen of San Francisco_ published by
H. C. Pendleton, 1900 there is a brief biography of a fireman named
Tom Sawyer.  According to this reference -- Tom Sawyer was a close
associate of Clemens' when Sam was employed in journalism in
San Francisco.  Sawyer claimed to have provided an inspiration for
the book later named in his honor.  A colleague in San Francisco
recently wrote that oral history relates Clemens was supposed to have
met Sawyer at a steam bath. The oral tradition of Sawyer knowing
Clemens is also known within the San Francisco Fire Department.

In 1984 Laurence Yep wrote a children's book _The Tom Sawyer Fires_ which
paired up reporter Sam Clemens and firefighter Tom Sawyer.  (Yep's
book was a sequel to his book titled _The Mark Twain Murders_ --
a more enjoyable read than Skom's of the same title.)

Is there any primary documentation that Clemens and San Francisco
fireman Tom Sawyer were indeed closely associated?