Dear Dr. Bush and List Members:

   - Mark Twain In Elmira-, edited by Robert D. Jerome and Herbert A.
Jr., Mark Twain Society, Inc., Elmira, New York, 1977, chapter V, contains a
brief account of the monument to Adam project.  The chapter reprints Mark
Twain's essay from, -$30,000 Bequest and Other Stories-  (New York: Mark
Company, 1917), pp.234-236; the petition and list of signers from Paine, -
Twain, a Biography- (New York: Harper&Brothers, 1924), Vol.1V, pp.1648-1650.
Jerome and Wisbey also identified all but six of the names on the list
including New York's governor and Elmira resident Lucius Robinson, John
Jr., the first mayor of Elmira, and Mark Twain's brothers-in-law, Theodore
Crane and Charles Langdon.
    This isn't a lot, but it may be of interest..

Best wishes,
Gretchen Sharlow
Elmira College Center for Mark Twain Studies