I will be organizing and chairing a panel, "Mark Twain on Race and
Ethnicity," at the ALA Conference, May 25-28, 2000, in Long
Beach, California.  Toward that end, I am posting a call for proposals on
this topic.  I am especially interested in receiving proposals which
explore Twain's attitudes on race and ethnicity other than his views and
representations of African-Americans, although I would welcome a paper in
this area as well, should it contain new evidence found in Twain's
letters, notebooks and journals, or works not widely known.

Proposals should reach me, either by e-mail or by my snail-mail address
found at the end of this message, by no later than 1 December, 1999.

Joseph B. McCullough
Department of English
University of Nevada, Las Vegas
Las Vegas, NV  89154-5011